Real Estate Photography Editing by Shooting Spaces Team

Real Estate Photography Editing

Learning from veteran Rich Baum, you will increase your workflow and editing speed while still delivering quality results.

Real Estate Photography Editing With Rich Baum

Is Real Estate Photography editing getting you down?  If your looking to improve your workflow and take your real estate photography editing to the next level while saving serious time this is the perfect opportunity for you.  We cover a ton of topics from Flambient to Sky Replacement and show you how to achieve quality results in limited time.

We have also included all the source files used in this webinar so you can practice these techniques before you move onto your own images.

Topics covered are:
•Flash/Ambient Blending (Flambient)
•Sky Replacement with Luminar
•Window Pulls Using Darken Mode
•Exteriors With Harsh Shadows
•Dealing With Glare & Reflection
•Advanced Techniques 

What's included?

Video Icon 9 videos File Icon 2 files


5 mins
Flash/Ambient Blend (Flambient)
56 mins
13 mins
Sky Replacement with Luminar
16 mins
Window Pull Using Darken Mode
15 mins
Exteriors with Harsh Shadows
3 mins
Dealing with Glare
4 mins
Advanced Techniques
8 mins
Q&A Closing Remarks
20 mins
Source Files
Webinar Source Photo List.pdf
18.2 KB
557 MB

Rich Baum

Rich Baum is a Northern California-based professional photographer with experience shooting a broad range of subjects including real estate, architecture, professional sports, weddings and executive headshots.
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Brian Berkowitz

Brian Berkowitz is a Long Island-based photographer specializing in interior and architectural photography. The son of a professional photographer and a graduate of New York City’s prestigious School of Visual Arts, allowed Brian to mold into the photographer and professional he is today.
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