Real Estate Listing Flyer Photoshop Template by Shooting Spaces Team

Real Estate Listing Flyer Photoshop Template


Looking for a great upsell item? Do you want to start offering custom flyers to your realtor clients? Do you already offer this and struggle with the design?

We have teamed up with a world-class designer to bring you this incredible Photoshop template. Everything in this template is fully customizable and you can now create a fantastic looking flyer for your clients in under 10 minutes. 

In a matter of minutes, you can add your images, change the listing description and price, update your clients logo, headshot and contact info and that's it!!! Our goal was to make this as simple to create and use as possible.

Be sure to read the instructions and download all the necessary fonts. We also have included a brief video for instructions on how the template and PSD file works. 

What's included?

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Real estate template 85x11.psd
69 MB
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8.5x11 Real Estate Flyer Instruction Video.mp4
10 mins

Tutorial Video

Watch this brief video tutorial showing you how easy it is to use this PSD template.