Photo Composition & Critique Webinar by Shooting Spaces Team

Photo Composition & Critique Webinar

Improve your composition with architectural photographer Tony Colangelo. Tony teaches composition theory and then dives in, to critique tons of images, teaching proper composition style along the way!

Learn From The Best In The Industry

Improving your compositions is the best and quickest way to improve your results. This is just as true for those starting out in the field, as it is for more seasoned shooters wanting to get to the next level.

In this webinar, Brian Berkowitz and  Rich Baum host veteran architectural photographer Tony Colangelo,  as they discuss the science and theory involved in creating effective compositions, then highlight some of the key considerations in nailing a great composition using attendee submitted images.

Tony, who is a former psychologist, has recently released his tutorial, which is devoted strictly to composition, titled The Art & Science of Great Composition. In this webinar, Tony uses his psychology background to examine what's at play in a great composition.

Tony applies several concepts from his tutorial throughout the webinar, which ends with a great Q&A segment.

This webinar would be extremely useful for the beginner, intermediate or even seasoned shooter, with lots of great information that you can easily apply into your workflow at a shoot.

What's included?

Video Icon 10 videos


14 mins
Composition Theory
8 mins
Rule Of Thirds
20 mins
Ultra Wide Angle
20 mins
Tell A Story
6 mins
Camera Angle & Height
17 mins
One & Two Point Composition
7 mins
Detail Shots
14 mins
Other Composition Styles and Crop Overlays
3 mins
Q&A & Closing Remarks
12 mins


Thank you guys and Tony for putting on a great webinar! I got a lot out of it that I am sure will help me improve. 
David Rowell
It was a great webinar. Lots of fantastic information!
Shellie Bjork Carroll
It was very informative and added value to Tony’s video tutorial. To be honest, I was a little concerned that the webinar was going to be redundant to Tony’s tutorial, but it wasn’t. 
Mike McNelly
Very valuable webinar, guys. The time went so fast!
Patty Griffiths Perkins
Thanks for hosting the composition webinar with Tony Colangelo. It was a great experience toward growth as a photographer. I look forward to submitting more images for critique in the future.
Kent Gresham
I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar last night. Again, thank you guys for making all the effort to hosting the event.

Pete Ritter

Tony Colangelo

Located in British Columbia, Canada, Tony Colangelo is an architectural photographer specializing in composition.  His psychology background enables him to properly understand the science behind great composition. He is also a weekly contributor to the PFRE blog.
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Rich Baum

Rich Baum is a Northern California-based professional photographer with experience shooting a broad range of subjects including real estate, architecture, professional sports, weddings and executive headshots.
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Brian Berkowitz

Brian Berkowitz is a Long Island-based photographer specializing in interior and architectural photography. The son of a professional photographer and a graduate of New York City’s prestigious School of Visual Arts, allowed Brian to mold into the photographer and professional he is today.
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